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"Learn How to buy and grow your own Dwarf lime Tree for beauty, sweet smelling fragrance and limes in YOUR home or patio!"

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    Small (1-2 Ft) Key Lime Tree

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Have you ever wanted to buy something, like a lime Tree, only to see its price, quality and service be so confusing? You don't know whom you can trust.

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  • When to harvest the limes for the best flavor
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Why get a Key Lime Tree?

Compact enough even for urban balconies and limited-space gardens, Key Lime will begin bearing small, juicy, thick-skinned fruit at an early age! Even if there were no fruit at all, this evergreen would be attractive enough to grow as an ornamental.

The leaves are lush and glossy, the small white flowers (arising indoors in late winter, just when the house needs some color and scent!) are intensely fragrant, and the habit is upright and well-branched. Depending on the size container and pruning you give it, this tree could reach 8 feet high and 10 feet wide, but can also be kept smaller.

The limes are the real prizes of Key Lime Tree. They arise in clusters of about 6 after the blooms pass. Thin immediately to about 2 or 3 per cluster, unless you want more plentiful but much smaller fruits.

An excellent Tart tasting lime, great for cooking

The key lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle), also known as the Mexican lime, West Indian lime or Bartender's lime is in a class all of its own. Much smaller than regular "Persian" limes you get at the store, the key lime ranges in size from a ping-pong ball to smaller than a tennis ball (2.5-5 cm in diameter (1-2 in)). The peel is thin, smooth and greenish-yellow when ripe. The flesh is also greenish-yellow and full of highly poly embryonic seeds (two or more plants from one seed). The interior is divided by 10 to 12 segments, quite juicy and has a higher acidity than regular Persian limes. Key limes have a very distinctive aroma, which makes them valuable for culinary use. Key Lime Trees have a great reputation as an indoor houseplant.

Close up, fruit ripens in stages so you don't get too much too soon.


The Key Lime is very cold sensitive but it can withstand some abuse. And it's one of the most productive after the Meyer Lemon Tree, for its size. And, best of all, it is a small compact tree which can grow well in most U.S. climates. Our dwarf Key Lime Tree makes a striking addition to the patio or deck in the summer, resembling a topiary.


Limes (Citrus aurantifolia) are the fruit of tropical citrus tree closely related to lemons. This evergreen tree is in the Rue family, Rutaceae, which also includes citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and kumquats. Limes are native to Southeast Asia, and probably originated in Indonesia or Malaysia. They made their way to the eastern Mediterranean with the Arabs, and to the western Mediterranean, with returning Crusaders, and eventually to the West Indies, when Columbus introduced citrus fruits there on his second voyage. These limes, used in most of the world, are what we call Key Limes.

The large, green, seedless limes found in your supermarket is the Persian or Tahiti Lime (Citrus latifolia) a hybrid developed in the early 20th century. The fruit is larger than the Key Lime, more resistant to disease and pests, and has a thicker rind. They are picked slightly immature, while they are still green in color (they turn yellow when fully ripe, and might be confused with lemons).

Key limes which predominate in the rest of the world, are smaller, yellowier in color, seedy, sourer, and grow on thorny trees which are sensitive to cold weather. As we have done with tomatoes, we have sacrificed flavor for convenience and appearance. Key limes were grown commercially in southern Florida and the Florida keys, until the 1926 hurricane wiped out the citrus groves. The growers replaced the Key Lime trees with Persian Lime trees because they are easier to grow, easier to pick because they have no thorns, and due to the much thicker skin, are easier and more economical to ship. There are still many Key Lime trees throughout the Florida Keys in backyards however, commercial production is only on a very small scale. Though they do seem to be making a slight comeback as a Florida crop in recent years.


"We can never thank you enough for all that you have done. You went above and beyond what you had to do." -- Sue Dods, Georgia


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"IT smells great!! Sarah is very excited about her lime tree."

"We just got back from our holidays and found a package waiting for us. IT was in great shape!! Sarah is very excited about her lime tree. You and everyone at are just wonderful. We can never thank you enough for all that you have done. You went above and beyond what you had to do. Sarah is anxious to eat her new limes in the next 3 months. Again, thank you so much."
-- Sue Dods, Georgia



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"We received the tree on Friday and it looked perfect to us. We then took it to Laura's gardening Grandmother, and it looked perfect to her. She loved the gift. Thank you very much for the great service!" -- Tim Loppe


"Thank you so much for such a beautiful lime tree!"

"Dear Richard, Thank you so much for such a beautiful tree! My lime tree has already started fruit and it's only been a month. Oh, also the emails really helped me bring the tree to life. Thank you once again."
-- Heather Carren, NJ


"Our house looked spectacular with the lime trees in the house!"

"Hi Larry, I wanted to once again say a big THANKS for helping to make our open house successful. You were right about putting the 2 trees around the fire place. They loved the smell and made us an offer on our house that day!"
-- Danielle and Darren, AL



"Our lime trees arrived, and as usual the quality is outstanding."

"Well, once again you have outdone even our expectations. Our trees arrived, and as usual the quality is outstanding. My customers love the trees we put in the front yard. Thank you all for the high level of service."
-- Dave Murray, NV

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